Google Delivers Google Maps to Palm Treo Smartphones

Palm will deliver the interactive mapping experience of Google Maps to Palm Treo smartphone users. Google Maps for mobile optimized for Palm OS based Treo smartphones is a free downloadable Palm OS application that offers directions, local search, moveable/scalable maps, location satellite imagery and traffic updates while on the go. Google Maps for mobile on Treo smartphones offers numerous benefits for life on the run:
- Comprehensive information on traffic conditions in more than 30 U.S. major metropolitan areas, and partial information in many others;
- Detailed driving directions with traffic estimates to avoid congestions;
- One-touch recall of favorite locations and routes;
- Integrated search results for business locations, restaurant reviews, hotel amenities and hours of operation;
- Interactive maps to explore further, reaching beyond current locations; and
- Satellite and aerial views.

Google Maps for mobile has been optimized for the following Palm OS based Treo smartphones:
- Treo 680 smartphone
- Treo 700p smartphone
- Treo 650 smartphone
- Treo 600 smartphone.

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