Users Prefer Motorola RAZR for Capturing Videos

The mobile industry is buzzing around the enormous popularity of Web 2.0 services that generate user content, like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Google's recent acquisition of YouTube and what it could mean for the mobile community is prompting heightened discussion. According to Telephia, three percent of U.S. mobile subscribers, representing nearly eight million consumers, use their cell phones to take personal videos. This adoption rate for mobile video capture doubles to six percent among mobile subscribers who recently purchased a new handset, revealing a rapid upward trend.

The Motorola RAZR is the top handset choice among recent handset buyers who take videos with their phones, securing a 21 percent share and besting the next top device by nearly four to one (see Table 1). The Nokia 6101, Motorola E815, Sony Ericsson Z525 and the LG VX8100 were also favorites.

Top Device Among Recent Handset Buyers Who Capture Videos (U.S.) -
Device Share %
1. RAZR V3 series (V3, V3c, V3m, V3i) - 21%
2. Nokia 6101 series (6101, 6102)- 6%
3. Motorola E815 series - 3%
4. Sony Ericsson Z525 - 3%
5. LG VX8100 series - 3%

While more and more U.S. mobile consumers use their phones to capture videos, they still lag behind Europeans. Among the six European countries Telephia measures, Italy and Spain secured the highest adoption rates at 15 and 14 percent, respectively. The U.K. and Sweden also posted double-digit penetration with recent handset buyers, while both France and Germany secured a nine percent penetration rate.

Adoption Rate for Video Capture Among Recent Handset Buyers (Europe, U.S. and Canada) - Country Share %
- Spain - 15%
- Italy - 14%
- UK - 12%
- Sweden - 10%
- France - 9%
- Germany - 9%
- Canada - 4%
- US - 3%.

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