Key Ovation Ships an Apple-Compatible Goldtouch Keyboard for Mac

Key Ovation says its first Apple-compatible Keyboard - Goldtouch for Mac is available. "Apple customers rely heavily on their computer and its peripherals to deliver state of the art graphics and other products", said Key Ovation General Manager Stephanie Gilbert. "They have high expectations around the use of their Macintosh, and they shouldn't have to temper those expectations when it comes to their keyboard, either". In fact, it was Apple's internal use of the standard Goldtouch line that sparked demand for the Goldtouch for Mac line when it became available.

Among the keyboard's features is the ability to adjust the two alphanumeric sections both horizontally and vertically to suit the individual's body requirements. Other features include:
- Easily adjusted, locking-ball and socket-latch mechanism
- Small, space saving foot-print to bring your mouse inside your
ergonomic "comfort zone"
- Editing key layout for left-right work distribution
- Full size, full travel, tactile feedback keys with soft end-stop
- Low noise key actuation
- Large space bars for easy thumb use.

The Goldtouch for Mac also includes an Apple/Command Key, CD Eject Key, Power Key, and Volume Control Key.

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