IBM Ships Latest Version of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

IBM ships a new version of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino designed to help businesses take advantage of advances in hardware and Internet technologies. Major portability and productivity benefits include the ability to carry email, Lotus Notes applications, and web collaboration tools on USB devices such as "thumb drive" memory keys or iPods, plus new Web extensions that speed collaboration via the Internet. With this release, users can download and carry their personalized Lotus Notes environment in a pocket-size USB device and then connect to any other laptop or PC to create a replica of their Lotus Notes workplace in minutes. The ability to take Lotus Notes on-the-go provides customers greater choice and flexibility in how and where they deploy their collaboration environment. As new Internet technologies redefine collaboration, companies are seeking ways to use the Web to collaborate among business communities. Lotus Notes users can quickly and easily leverage the power of blogs with a new out-of-the-box template to design, create and update blog entries. While traveling, bloggers can add or update their content with Lotus Notes while offline and transfer their updates the next time they connect to the network.

New Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology in Lotus Notes and Domino allows companies to publish RSS feeds from any Lotus Notes application using an industry standard RSS format for easy viewing and updating. For example, a Lotus Notes database that stores digitally produced audio files or podcasts can be RSS-enabled to post instantly to selected RSS readers such as iTunes. Once content is updated within Lotus Notes, users are automatically notified of updates via their RSS feed reader of choice.

Additional productivity features in Lotus Notes and Domino Version 7.0.2 include:
- Out-of-the-box SAP integration: Lotus Notes 7.0.2 adds two new SAP templates for meeting scheduling and an employee self-service manager plus a wizard-based template builder that helps users create production templates in four easy steps.
- Calendar information sharing on the Web: Using the iCalendar format, users can import events from Web sites directly to their own calendars and export selected entries from their calendars for easy sharing with others.
- Support for Apple Macintosh users: Lotus Domino Web Access 7.0.2 includes support for Macintosh clients. Lotus Notes 7.0.2 support for Macintosh clients is expected to be available by end of year.
- Expanded choice of operating systems: Lotus Domino 7.0.2 adds support for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2 X64 Platform, Novell SUSE 10 Linux (32 and 64-bit) OS versions. Domino already supports 64-bit versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and i5/OS.

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