SimpleCenter 4.1 Offers New Level in Entertainment Content Control

Universal Electronics has announced the release of SimpleCenter 4.1 which will be available in October 2006. Since its initial launch in April, SimpleCenter, a PC software application, has been enhancing the enjoyment of digital entertainment devices by making it easy to organize, play, and share music, pictures, and movies at home or on-the-go.

SimpleCenter continues to deliver an easy-to-use media management solution for consumers' music, pictures, and movies. Consumers can explore their digital media in one friendly application, enjoy their digital media anywhere, and share their favorite moments with anyone in the world. This latest upgrade provides users with a universal application to manage not only all their digital media, but also their latest devices.

SimpleCenter's latest release introduces a host of features and benefits:
* Enjoy digital media on more devices - Sync with the latest third-party devices including iPod, Sony PSP, Xbox 360, Nokia N80, N93, USB mass storage devices, and PlaysForSure devices. Multiple device support allows the growing number of consumers who own many digital media entertainment devices to consolidate their media acquisition and management activities into one application.
* Sync more quickly with even smarter filters - Date Range and Media Size enable more refined synchronization rules. Because SmartSync filters update automatically as the media library changes, there is no need to constantly update device synchronization lists. Consumers save time by specifying their preferences just once.
* Make Video Portable - Easy conversion of movie content to the most popular formats for devices. File formats will no longer be an issue, and consumers can transfer more personal media to more devices.
* Organize Podcasts your way - A new approach to podcast listing services allows users to view podcasts by popularity. They can then decide which podcasts to list from the thousands of podcasts available today. SimpleCenter's user-created directory helps to highlight content that is relevant to a consumer's preference.
* Operate with DLNA 1.5 compliant devices - SimpleCenter 4.1 is compliant with the requirements of the current working draft of DLNA Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines v. 1.5. This extensive requirement specification helps deliver on the promise of plug-and-play interoperability. Consumers can rest assured that compliant products will work together seamlessly.

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