Quickoffice Unveils New 3.1 Version for Symbian S60 Platform

Quickoffice has announced the latest release of its Quickoffice 3.1. This release includes many product enhancements and heralds the launch of the new, innovative Quickmanager tool. As a complement to the core product line, which includes Quickword, Quickpoint and Quicksheet, Quickmanager is a unique, in-application mechanism that enables users to purchase valuable product updates and new mobile applications. Quickoffice 3.1 includes the "view-only" version of the office suite, as well as Quickmanager, and is compatible with all handsets running S60 3rd Edition.

Quickoffice 3.1 offers many enhancements to its previous version, including improvements in speed and memory usage, allowing users to efficiently work with even larger documents. As with previous versions, the software allows access to all Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, as well as text files whether they are delivered as e-mail attachments, external memory cards or transferred from a PC. Subscribers can save e-mail attachments to their phone memory or memory card for action at a later time. Quickmanager has many new features, including the ability to instantly update the Quickoffice application, and for those users who are interested, upgrade to the editing version of Quickoffice directly from their smartphone. The application offers over-the-air billing and installation; both tasks can typically be completed in less than one minute. In addition, Quickmanager automatically refreshes itself, ensuring the list of available updates and upgrades remains current. In the future, complementary software applications, such as Quickexpense, a new expense management and reporting software, will also be offered.

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