Volantis' Enhanced Mobile Content Framework 4.0 Delivery Platform

Volantis has announced the availability of Volantis' Mobile Content Framework 4.0. Volantis' new release significantly improves mobile Internet browsing through dynamic web applications, providing a unique and rich browsing experience. Framework 4.0 represents the Company's most recent initiative to achieving its vision of Web technologies as a ubiquitous platform supporting advanced applications for both fixed and mobile devices.

Framework provides a full suite of solutions to enable the development, integration and deployment of mobile applications. More than 50 customers - including wireless carriers, content owners and online businesses addressing over 160 million subscribers - have utilized Volantis' Framework to mobilize content. Framework uniquely separates content, design, and device issues into abstract policies, providing a "create once, run anywhere" environment that reduces complexity, cost and time to market for both development and maintenance.

Framework 4.0 introduces support for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)-enabled browsers. AJAX support enables the creation of highly efficient, interactive Web applications. The integrated offering supports the ability to deliver content to devices with basic browsers and those with support for AJAX. Framework 4.0:
Enables the single authoring and publishing of content using XDIME a superset of DIAL, the draft W3C standard for device independent authoring.
Automatically and intelligently adapts layout, style and content to accommodate different mobile device capabilities, removing the need to manually adjust and adapt content for each mobile device.

The introduction of the device independent library of AJAX-based widgets will allow the construction of high capability mobile client applications similar in profile to the emerging generation of richly featured web clients such as Google Maps, GMail or Flickr. Combining these pre-built libraries with device-independent mark-up also reduces the software development effort, enabling lightweight programming models. United with Framework's signature automated Intelligent Content Adaptation, this results in a faster time to market and reduced porting cost for new services compared with traditional, programming-based approaches for creating client side capabilities.

This release adds further value to existing XDIME applications and offers new opportunities for developers to provide device independent applications using the Volantis Framework and technologies such as Ruby on Rails, SOAP, Web Services, Java and PHP. The resulting novel browser-based applications can be delivered on-demand to the mobile device rather than having to be pre-installed. The new widget library includes support for various dynamic visual effects as well as a number of dynamic screen items such as marquees, carousels, folding menu items and pop-ups.

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