Braggone Introduces New LUXONE Product Line

Braggone has announced a new product line that will enable end-user manufacturers of flat panel displays to cost effectively tune their newest product models to significantly better levels of quality and performance. Braggone's patented, novel nano-manipulation platform of optical and electrical coatings and nano-structures can be implemented directly into flat panel TVs and mobile communication device screens for brighter displays and less power consumption.

Braggone's new material product line, LUXONE, is an enabler of next generation displays and flexible optoelectronic devices. These products can be utilized as optoelectronic components in flat panel, mobile phone and micro displays. Typical components manufactured with LUXONE are ultra thin and include efficient reflectors and light extractors that are implemented inside the display devices.

For several years Braggone has been collaborating with the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland in VTT's printable electronics and optics center, the world leader in roll-to-roll optoelectronics processing. The focus of the work was to test Braggone's product feasibility.

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