PKWARE Issues Updated ZIP Specification

PKWARE has announced the release of APPNOTE 6.3.0, the application note PKWARE publishes for the developer community to ensure the continued interoperability and development of ZIP-compatible applications. The updated APPNOTE includes functionality to enable data in ZIP files to be encrypted using common data encryption algorithms such as Blowfish and Twofish, and new storage parameters for high-speed tape positioning and large-tape blocks.

With industry regulations driving the need to secure archived data, IT administrators are challenged with implementing efficient and secure data archiving and transfer solutions. With multiple computing platforms, organizations need an interoperable solution that is versatile enough to be used across operating systems to protect data as it moves or at rest.

Data compression uses algorithms that replace repeating patterns with efficient encoding methods to reduce file size. With average compression rates of 50 percent or greater per file, it makes sense to integrate compression technology into business processes and applications. APPNOTE 6.3.0 offers its users simple compression functionality that benefits the business by increasing data capacity and subsequently shrinking the cost of storing and transferring critical business information.

Specific new features of APPNOTE 6.3.0 include:
* New storage parameters for high-speed tape positioning and large-tape blocks. These correspond to the new tape features released in V9 for IBM z/OS
* An expanded list of supported cryptographic hash algorithms to facilitate moving beyond SHA1
* An expanded list of supported compression algorithms enabling ZIP files to be compressed using common data compression algorithms such as LZMA and PPMd
* An expanded list of supported encryption algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish, enabling strong, enterprise-class security.

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