Garmin to Release Garmap Software on Memory Cards

Getting set for hassle-free navigation has just been made faster and easier as Garmin announces the release of the Garmap software on memory cards (SD or MMC format).

Garmin now have extended that ease of use to map installation. Everyone knows the frustration of buying a brand new gadget but not being able to use it immediately, but that will be a thing of the past. Customers will no longer have to activate the maps in their GPS units over the Web as the popular in-car navigation products will be supplied with Garmap maps-on-a-chip, giving you the benefit of immediate full use of the device. Just plug in the memory card, let the unit acquire satellites, and you are ready to navigate. The products that will have the memory card-based map sets are the Street Pilot i3, Street Pilot 510 /550, IQ M4, N?vi 300/310/350/360 and Street Pilot 7200.

Although registration is no longer required, customers are still encouraged to register to receive mapping news and update information. A "Yellow Form" in the packaging provides simple registration instructions: registration is performed online via the Web.

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