Pirelli's Dielectric Conformal Antenna for Wireless Communications

Pirelli Broadband Solutions says it will introduce the first, integrated dielectric antenna for wireless access gateways, set-top boxes and other customer premises equipment. The new antenna was developed by Pirelli Labs Material Innovation, the Group R&D center for new materials led by the CEO Enrico Albizzati.

Through patent-pending, dielectric conformal antenna technology using polymeric composite, Pirelli has developed a new class of antennas that provide high performance to ceramic antennas and the same/or better coverage and throughput than external dipole antennas. Moreover, Pirelli's new antenna delivers the added benefit of greater product design flexibility.

At the core of the antenna are dielectric polymeric composites filled with dielectric ceramic powder, reducing fragility while facilitating low-cost manufacturing and processing when compared to ceramic antennas available on the market today. The new antenna is based on a low aspect-ratio which can reduce the overall height of the CPE device giving equipment manufacturers more creative leeway when it comes to the "look and feel" of new broadband devices.

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