Symantec's Norton Confidential Is Available

Symantec pronounces the availability of its Norton Confidential, an online transaction security solution. Norton Confidential provides consumers with dual level of protection against the most dangerous tools in an attacker's toolkit: fraudulent phishing Web sites and eavesdropping crimeware. To further strengthen consumers' confidence when conducting transactions online, Norton Confidential increases protection when consumers are most at risk - at the very moment they begin sharing their sensitive, confidential personal information like passwords and account numbers. Most importantly, Norton Confidential takes the guesswork out of security with clear visual indicators that let consumers know if it's safe to conduct business online.

According to an October 2005 Symantec commissioned Harris Interactive study, 71 percent of consumers say they are "uncomfortable" providing personal information online and 53 percent report being "very concerned" about online identity theft. There is significant reason for consumers to take precautions when it comes to online security. Crimeware, a subset of all malware focused on information and identity theft, poses increasing threats to consumers who are conducting transactions online. Symantec's most recent Internet Security Threat Report found that during the period of January - June 2006, 30 of the top 50 malicious code samples exposed a user's confidential information.

Norton Confidential is the only transaction security product to protect against both phishing and crimeware with a single solution. Not only are consumers blocked or warned from visiting phishing Web sites, but the anti-crimeware protection in Norton Confidential focuses on blocking keystroke logging and screencapture attempts from eavesdropping software at the very point of an online transaction. Norton Confidential provides consumers with comprehensive online transaction security that safeguards against online identity theft and fraud; blocks known and unknown attacks designed to steal passwords, account numbers and other personal information; authenticates high-profile banking and shopping Web sites; and, minimizes risks associated with online transactions.

Norton Confidential provides straightforward online transaction security that makes it easy for consumers to protect their identity and data while online. A Norton Confidential toolbar sits alongside the user's Internet browser toolbar, giving consumers constant reassurance that their online transactions are secure. Norton Confidential features a single, bold and simple indicator that communicates fraud threat levels - when on a secure site, users see a green indicator with the words "No fraud detected". A second level of protection is indicated with visual icons - a personal computer and globe - to let consumers know that both the computer and Web site are safe.

Norton Confidential's key features include:
- Phishing Protection - Blocks or warns consumers from visiting known or suspected phishing sites.
- Web Site Authentication - Confirms the authenticity of popular shopping, banking and other sites that require financial or other personal information.
- Crimeware Protection - Protects users from known and unknown crimeware when they care most - prior to online transactions.
- Password Security - Secures and manages logins and passwords.
- Password Blocking - Blocks login credentials from going to unauthorized sites without user approval.

Norton Confidential is designed for Windows XP Home/XP Pro users and is eligible for a free Windows Vista compatibility update.

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