Quark Issues QuarkXPress 7 Update

Quark announces today the release of QuarkXPress 7.02, the latest update to QuarkXPress 7, which includes the highest level of flexibility and reliability for QuarkXPress software users. The release will provide new, up-to-date functionality, including license-transfer features and typographic support for new languages as well as resolution of the most important issues reported by customers since the product shipped. The new features of QuarkXPress 7.02 will provide Quark customers around the world with the power and capability to easily upgrade to the latest version of QuarkXPress. In addition, this update adds typographic support to QuarkXPress Passport for a number of new languages.

The new License Transfer functionality allows customers to deactivate and activate the software without relying on external resources, making it easier and more accessible for customers to transfer their licenses without calling Quark Technical Support. This new functionality will make the transition particularly easy for Mac users who upgrade their Macs to take advantage of the performance increase offered by the Universal version of QuarkXPress 7. In addition, the new license agreement allows customers to run previous versions of QuarkXPress in parallel to QuarkXPress 7 on the same machine. Customers can maintain existing workflows created in previous versions of QuarkXPress and adapt to the latest release of QuarkXPress in a step-by-step process without any risks.

By adding a new type-rendering engine to QuarkXPress 7 and including Unicode and OpenType, QuarkXPress has moved to the next level in typographic versatility. The QuarkXPress 7.02 update introduces hyphenation and spell-check capabilities for various languages (Polish, Greek, Croatian, Finnish, Portuguese European, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Catalan, and Slovak) and hyphenation support for Hungarian.

The new language features have been developed and implemented in close collaboration with Quark longtime partner Dieckmann GmbH, a well-known and respected industry provider of typographic resources. As part of Quark's commitment to deliver its customers the most reliable page layout software, Quark will deliver regular maintenance releases of QuarkXPress 7 during its lifecycle. QuarkXPress 7.02 is the first such maintenance release featuring resolution of the most important issues reported to Quark since the product shipped.

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