Layer 7 Technologies Launches New Line of XML Appliances

Layer 7 Technologies has announced the launch of four new SecureSpan XML appliances. Layer 7 Technologies is the first XML security and networking vendor to introduce a suite of XML appliances and gateway software for Service Oriented Architectures and Web Oriented Architectures including SOAP, POX, AJAX and REST. The new XML acceleration, security and networking appliances will help businesses address a progressive set of security, complexity, scalability and networking issues.

The use of XML data in the enterprise is increasing exponentially. SOA deployments often use XML or Web services but Web applications built on AJAX, RSS and POX are often more ubiquitous, adding to the pervasive use of XML. Depending on the application, various combinations of XML processing may be required, including parsing, transformation, acceleration, security, cryptography, signing, federation and support for implementing specific SOA standards or specifications. These operations place a tremendous burden on the network infrastructure, middleware and application platforms. The strategic use of XML appliances simplifies the deployment and management of applications while ensuring tight control over the flow of data.

The SecureSpan family of XML appliances includes:
- SecureSpan XML Accelerator - High-throughput document parsing, validation and transformation in a datacenter or with an ESB
- SecureSpan XML Data Screen High-speed XML threat protection, content filtering and traffic control
- SecureSpan XML Firewall and VPN - Advanced identity and message level SOA security for cross-domain, B2B and portal SOA initiatives
- SecureSpan XML Networking Gateway Complex, policy based message routing, mediation, virtualization, SLA and SOA governance enforcement.

To simplify migration planning and ensure future-proofing, each successive SecureSpan XML appliance includes the capabilities of the legacy device and can be quickly upgraded through additional software licenses. The SecureSpan XML Firewall and VPN and the SecureSpan Networking Gateway are also available as server software for Linux and Windows Server 2003. All SecureSpan XML appliances are based on a high performance 64-bit multi-processor, multi-core AMD architecture with onboard XML acceleration from ASIC vendor Tarari and hardware based crypto acceleration. All SecureSpan appliances offer full clustered redundancy and linear scalability.

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