UPEK and Pay by Touch to Bring Biometric Security to the Internet

UPEK has announced that the same level of user privacy and protection its biometric solutions have brought to the world's leading consumer brands of PCs and USB devices has now extended to the Internet. As announced today by Pay By Touch, this unique hardware and software offering is being utilized by the new TrueMe service, the first secure, on-demand biometric authentication service available over the Internet. UPEK's remote provisioning and authentication offering enables registration of fingerprint devices remotely and authentication of individuals with the simple swipe of a finger, allowing online merchants, banks, and service providers to reduce identity theft and fraud by ensuring that businesses and customers truly are who they claim to be. Remote provisioning is based on unique UPEK technology that validates and creates unique, trusted service keys between each device and service provider.

Pay By Touch's new TrueMe service enables businesses to provide customers, partners and employees with secure and convenient access to protected and registered websites and online services such as online banking, e-commerce, and enterprise applications. It supports notebook computers with UPEK fingerprint authentication technology available from most major PC manufacturers. Pay By Touch is also offering TrueMe branded fingerprint authentication USB peripherals supplied by UPEK.

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