PureVideo Networks Develops PureVideo Search

PureVideo Networks intros the Company's first utility, called PureVideo Search - Still in beta, PureVideo Search is the Internet's first meta search engine for video, combining the accuracy of a crawl-based search with the timeliness of a feed-based search, and returning the most comprehensive and relevant results from the entire Web. PureVideo Networks' proprietary analysis determines rankings, displaying each result with an associated thumbnail image and a link to view the video at the respective publisher site.

In addition, users of PureVideo Search have access to more than 35 charts presenting the most popular videos on the top sites, concerning music, sports, comedy, viral videos, entertainment, and news. These sites include MySpace, Rolling Stone, AOL Music, ESPN, Fox Sports, Comedy Central, YouTube,, CNN, BusinessWeek, and others. The charts provide users with comprehensive coverage on hot topics and the chance for serendipitous discovery.

Part of a wider strategy to diversify the parent company's offering in video, PureVideo Search represents just one of many new ventures PureVideo Networks is considering for the future. PureVideo also says its and will take advantage of the PureVideo Search engine to help power broader web search returns for their combined six million unique users. PureVideo Search will also provide PureVideo Networks with important trend data about broadband video consumption. This reporting will help drive future strategic thinking around content, product, and business development, as well as investment in future content verticals and utilities.

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