IMSafer for Kids' Internet Surfing Is Available

IMSafer of Houston, Texas, has announced the availability of its flagship product - IMSafer - aimed at providing an additional level of protection to children and teens who chat online via instant messenger services.

IMSafer uses lexical analysis, based on a growing set of rules, which have been shown by law enforcement to indicate inappropriate online relationships with children. It's a proactive tool for parents, and they don't have to do anything other than install it. The rules set evolves, much like anti-virus signatures or spam-blocker databases, providing lasting protection for parents as language and slang change, and as predators use new tactics to elicit personal information from children.

Parents can feel safe to let their kids use IM and chat on any computer being monitored by IMSafer, whether it's in their home, a friend's home, at school or in a library. Parents get the notifications about potential trouble wherever their child is when engaged in an online chat. The IMSafer service also allows parents to leave feedback on people they believe are having inappropriate conversations with their child. This feedback allows IMSafer to be even more proactive in alerting parents about potentially inappropriate online relationships. As more parents get involved, the stronger our service becomes.

If a child receives an IM with content that is flagged by IMSafer, parents receive an email notification within 90 seconds that includes the screen names of the people in the conversation, the community rating of the person to whom their child was speaking, and the category of the flagged content. Parents can log on to the web service to see more detail about the conversation and flagged content.

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