Renesas Establishes Dedicated ODC Center at KPIT Cummins in India

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited and Renesas Technology announces Renesas has established a dedicated off-shore development center (ODC) at KPIT Cummins to strengthen its development and design capabilities. KPIT Cummins will increase the number of engineers assigned to the facility to more than 500 in three years.

Renesas has been actively expanding and enhancing its own global development and design operations and utilizing outsource design work for developing sophisticated multi-function System-on-Chips (SoCs) with a high level of design capability. The outsourcing business in India has grown substantially in recent years. In November 2004, Renesas Technology started outsourcing semiconductor software and hardware design to KPIT Cummins. Since then, KPIT Cummins has executed design work for Renesas in a number of areas, including SoC products for use in digital consumer electronics, analog circuit designs employing high-level technology, and embedded software. Through a close relationship during the last two years, both companies recognized a value in strategic partnership and Renesas has decided to establish its first ODC at KPIT Cummins. Currently, approximately 100 KPIT Cummins engineers are engaged in design work for Renesas.

KPIT Cummins will increase the number of engineers assigned to the facility to approximately more than 500, enabling technology design of the highest quality. It is anticipated that these developments will enable Renesas Technology and KPIT Cummins to deliver high-quality products incorporating advanced technology to system developers more quickly than ever before.

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