HP Chairman Top BIMBO of the Month

Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Patricia Dunn was awarded BIMBO of month with Nicole Richie and Terrell Owens as runners-up in a crowded field. Ms. Dunn's winning comments were "This was not my spy campaign on our board, " followed several days later before Congress with "I do not accept responsibility for what happened."

BIMBO comments demonstrate the perils of repeating and denying a negative word. The listener can overlook the denial and hear the opposite of what the speaker is saying. The award is named for the young woman caught in a tryst with a high profile, married man. She announced, "I am not a BIMBO."

In releasing the awards, Merrie Spaeth explained, "As the chair of a Fortune 500 and iconic company, we expect much greater savvy and more understanding of how audiences hear what a company says." Spaeth explained that Dunn's comments were "the worst of all worlds. She had a traditional BIMBO comment about spying and then insisted that it wasn't her responsibility." Spaeth noted that CEO Mark Hurd did a credible job in the Congressional hearings.

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