Symantec Issues Its Upgraded '2007' Products

Symantec premiers its Norton AntiVirus 2007 and Norton Internet Security 2007. Norton AntiVirus 2007 is a solution that gives consumers advanced protection against viruses, spyware and related risks. Norton Internet Security 2007 is a security suite that leverages the antivirus and antispyware protection of Norton AntiVirus plus provides safeguards against the latest online dangers by providing sophisticated new phishing protection, an enhanced firewall, and defense against software vulnerabilities.

Part of the changing threat landscape is the fact that virus writers are rapidly creating variations of existing malicious code rather than developing entirely new threats. Norton AntiVirus 2007 addresses this growing trend by delivering potent new technology that blocks attacks from entire worm and virus families without requiring individual signatures for each new threat. By developing new security technology that detects these virus and worm families, Norton AntiVirus 2007 now provides proactive protection for users even before a new worm or virus is created and released.

In addition, Norton AntiVirus has been strengthened so that it can find new types of viruses that use rootkits to hide themselves from security software. This patent-pending technology detects camouflaged threats at all system levels, including the application, user mode, operating system, file, and disk level. Improved packer support ensures that masked viruses are uncovered, enabling the original signature to be detected. In order to keep Norton AntiVirus' defenses current, protection updates are now delivered daily.

Norton AntiVirus 2007 also incorporates enhanced scanning capabilities to ensure that high-risk spyware is detected and removed prior to installation. In addition, an improved and faster full system scan leverages foreground and background throttling modes giving users the option to move scanning to the background, requiring less processing power and letting them continue working on their computer without a major performance impact.

Norton Internet Security 2007 includes all the features found in Norton AntiVirus 2007 and enhances its award-winning detection, blocking, and removal tools with innovative technology that protects consumers against the latest online attacks. The new Phishing Protection feature safeguards users from online identity theft by combining lists of known phishing Web sites with advanced heuristic technology to safeguard users from visiting fraudulent Web pages. By comparing detailed characteristics of the Web page against Symantec's sophisticated fraud detection model, users enjoy zero-hour protection against known and unknown phishing sites. As a result, users are always protected — even if they are the first visitors to a fraudulent site.

The intrusion prevention feature in Norton Internet Security 2007 offers critical protection against recently discovered vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and other popular applications. These security holes can be shielded by Norton Internet Security much faster than it typically takes a vendor to release a patch to fix the problem. In fact, Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report noted that on average, 49 days elapse between disclosure of a vulnerability and the release of an associated patch. With Norton Internet Security 2007, all viruses, worms and hackers attempting to infect or invade a person's computer through these vulnerabilities are immediately blocked from ever getting on the system. Users are now free to patch their operating system and other applications on their own schedule, yet remain safe.

Norton Internet Security's enhanced firewall addresses one of the greatest frustrations users experience with current Internet security solutions—confusing firewall alerts. Most firewall applications today require users to decide whether to block or allow software on their computer from connecting to the Internet. Few users have the expertise or the interest in making these decisions. The enhanced firewall in Norton Internet Security 2007 automatically configures itself to allow good applications yet blocks spyware, viruses, worms, crimeware and hackers from stealing sensitive information from the user's computer. The result is a smart firewall that provides much more effective security and does not require users to make complex security decisions.

Norton Internet Security 2007 is designed to work in concert with today's most popular home networking equipment, complimenting their security features to provide even greater levels of protection. In addition, an enhanced network detection component automatically provides users with separate security policies for the networks that they connect to. By automatically configuring the appropriate security settings, Norton Internet Security customers can take full advantage of their home networks, yet stay completely safe when connecting to public networks as well.

Norton Internet Security 2007 and Norton AntiVirus 2007 are backed by Symantec Security Response, a team of dedicated intrusion experts, security engineers, virus hunters, and global technical support teams that work in tandem to provide extensive coverage for enterprise businesses and consumers. Symantec Security Response provides customers with comprehensive, global, 24x7 Internet security expertise to guard against today's complex Internet threats. This security information is delivered to our customers on a daily basis to ensure they always remaining fully protected.

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