CFGear's Custom Flash MP3 Players for Music Industry Promotion

CFGear has the music industry buzzing about their custom logo USB flash mp3 players. Professionals in the music industry today looking for a creative way to package their music and press kit - and keep their name in front of producers and record companies - are turning to CFGear for custom logo flash mp3 players to distribute and promote their music. These sensational new flash MP3 players provide affordability and breakthrough digital technology in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. This flash portable MP3 player is a combination MP3 player, FM radio tuner, voice recorder, and USB flash drive all rolled into a tiny, attractive and portable unit.

Logo USB and custom USB drives are one of the many special offerings at CFGear. They offer band name and music industry logos, record label logos or any type of logo you want printed on your mp3 flash drive - custom made for your review and approval.

While others are distributing demo CDs that ultimately get thrown away, custom flash mp3 players will make a great impression and are a creative music distribution tool that will place your band one step ahead of the competition. Music and record producers will remember you and your band name with logo mp3 player flash drives. In addition, your entire digital press kit can be saved to the USB drive including a link to the band's MySpace page, photos, reviews and local press - an 'all-in-one' distribution device.

Custom Logo MP3 Flash Player Benefits and Uses:
The flash mp3 players are ideal for uploading your demo tunes and a unique way to distribute your demo to music industry producers
Entire distribution package of music and press kit can be stored on the mp3 flash drive for an 'all-in-one' distribution tool
These reusable flash drives are a perfect way to keep your band name in front of producers
Flash mp3 players can be used as free giveaways for fan appreciation
A live show recording can be saved on a flash mp3 player and sold or given away at the end of the show.

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