Conmio Announces Conmio ManaGate V.3

Conmio has announced the latest version of Conmio ManaGate, the company's mobile content management and provisioning platform. Conmio ManaGate has been designed to overcome the complexity of managing mobile content. The software provides a dynamic service environment that enables media companies and other content providers to utilize any pre-existing content in mobile services. ManaGate unifies content management and service provision across current and future mobile technologies, allowing companies such as newspapers, magazine publishers, operators and ISP's to create new mobile services on demand from any content.

The first installations of the new Conmio ManaGate 3.0 version have already been deployed in production use by Conmio's long-time mobile media partner, Starcut Ltd. Starcut has utilized the software as part of its implementation of, a new mobile site of that provides access to news and information from The New York Times for mobile devices including Web-enabled phones and PDAs.

The business-specific workflows of Conmio ManaGate support any production or management tasks, allowing device-specific content to be produced rapidly and cost-efficiently for a global audience. The content localization processes embedded in the system support service providers' fast and low-cost entry to new market areas. The software can be deployed as a standalone or integrated solution that uses third-party data such as billing and reporting information in the content management process.

Version 3.0 of Conmio ManaGate expands the capabilities of the field-proven solution, offering carrier-grade scalability as well as easy creation of multiple mobile interfaces for new or existing systems. The software features comprehensive automatic functionality for optimizing the user experience, ensuring easy access to mobile content and services on any device. Conmio ManaGate integrates content production and management with business logic, thus enabling customers to strengthen their content-driven businesses.

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