MF Digital Offers Multilingual User Interface OS to PC Based Duplicators & Publishers

MF Digital teams with Microsoft to offer a Multilingual User Interface to the PC based line of CD/DVD duplication and publishing systems. "The Multilingual User Interface or 'MUI' are additional operating system resource files found on PC based MF Digital duplicators giving the user an ability to change the language interface on the OS according to their preference", explains Mr. McGrath Director of Sales. "There are now 33 supported languages for the Windows XP operating system found on MF Digital duplicators".

This new feature provides end-users with local language support on the disc production operating system. The new MUI provides an enhanced and customized experience with the MF Digital PC based duplicators. Further, this feature allows large corporations to roll out purchasing strategies for CD/DVD production equipment on a global scale giving IT managers the ability to standardize their duplication equipment from across the country or around the globe.

"MUI also allows different language users to log-in and share the same workstation yet view their localized OS settings. For instance, one user might choose to see the operating system menus, dialogs and other text in French, while another user logged in might prefer to see the corresponding text in Italian", explains McGrath. "The Multilingual User Interface also increases response time for technical support because the operating system can be configured to the preferred language of the IT manager".

MF Digital believes this new feature will provide the highest level of service and experience to the end-user while creating a clear strategy for global companies to standardize on duplication and publishing equipment purchases.

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