OSRAM Unveils the Platinum DRAGON LED

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced yet another addition to its DRAGON series line of high-power LEDs: the Platinum DRAGON. The Platinum DRAGON produces white light at 75 lm from an operating current of 700 mA (30 lm/W), making it the brightest single-chip, high-power LED in the DRAGON series. Potential efficiencies range from 30 to 50 lumens per watt depending on actual application drive current. The Platinum DRAGON is a high-performance LED emitting maximum light from the smallest possible source. Additionally, it has the same design and dimensions as the Golden DRAGON package, only 1.8 mm height, but can withstand twice the input and therefore a higher operating current. This means more light in the same amount of space.

The availability of the Platinum DRAGON's complete color portfolio and external optics, as well as its extraordinary brightness, open up new possibilities for almost any lighting application. Flashlights, bicycle lamps and flashing blue lights for emergency vehicles are some of the many application possibilities, while existing applications such as traffic lights, flashing warning lights on building sites, reading lights in cars and aircraft, and medical lamps can now be brighter without design modifications.

The high-power ThinFilm and ThinGaN chips, better thermal connection between the chip and the package, and optimum heat dissipation of the SMT package itself, all add up to a significant boost in output for the Platinum DRAGON.

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