Kofax to Integrate Scanning with Windows Vista

Kofax has announced plans to support the Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) document file format and Microsoft's Windows Imaging architecture for production scanning and capture.

Adding the XPS document format release script to the Ascent 7.5 product ensures that Kofax products will be compatible with the latest document formats. With this planned integration, captured documents can be delivered in the XPS file format, a fixed-document format built into the Windows Vista operating system and supported in the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

By integrating with Windows Imaging architecture, Kofax-based solutions will take advantage of the new features that support high volume scanning, and the high level of quality that comes with using certified drivers. WIA-based scanner drivers are tested and certified by the Microsoft Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), ensuring quality and decreasing deployment costs. Organizations who integrate Kofax-based solutions with WIA will experience lower cost, higher-quality deployments. XPS support will be available this winter with the Ascent Capture integration into SharePoint 2007.

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