Quaero's New Suite of Marketing Performance Management Tools

Quaero has announced a new suite of measurement products to provide "over the horizon" assessment of marketing effectiveness. The Quaero TouchpointView, Quaero MeasurementView and Quaero PerformanceView products will provide rapid feedback about ROI across marketing cycles and can assist in strategic planning and budget allocation.

Serving as a diagnostic tool, the new products can create a customized and tangible roadmap for faster and better results and analysis. Additionally, as marketers finalize annual budgets, the tools can help determine the most effective distribution of marketing dollars. Applied as a suite or individually, each product is focused on a specific marketing performance area. For example, the Quaero TouchpointView helps marketers define and track customer lifecycle touchpoints and offers insight on how to improve the customer experience at each stage.

The Quaero MeasurementView analyzes existing metrics and helps companies determine the financial impact of specific marketing initiatives. Using six proprietary dimensions, the Quaero PerformanceView examines current marketing capabilities and pinpoints areas for improvement.

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