Wildform Releases WildPresenter Pro

Wildform has announced the release of another significant update to its WildPresenter Flash presentation software. The name of the new version has also been modified to WildPresenter Pro to help customers differentiate it from its younger sibling WildPresenter Lite.

The key elements of the WildPresenter Pro update are:
Slide navigation player export so you can view and navigate your output via a series of slide thumbnails
Slide templates so you can instantly generate a complete slide layout for text, images, video, and audio
Automatic mouse-over text capability so you can mouse over text and have it change color which is great for navigation
Streaming FLV capability so now you can add live streaming FLVs to your WildPresenter projects
Improved PowerPoint to Flash conversion including support for WordArt and multiple master slides, prompting for missing media files, and better animation import

The upgrade is free for current WildPresenter customers.

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