Indigita Chip Integrated into Sony's 60GB Removable Hard Drive

IntellaSys says the Indigita "AV Content Manager" chip - iND60C32 - has been integrated into Sony's new 60GB removable hard drive. Designated Model HVR-DR60, the new Sony hard drive is FireWire compatible and capable of storing up to 4.5 hours of HDV, DVCAM, and/or DV content. Sony demonstrated the HVR-DR60 at IBC in conjunction with its new high-end "professional" HDV Camcorder (Model HVR-VI) featuring true progressive scan 25p or 30p video recording with an HDMI output.

According to Indigita, its single-chip solution enables "direct-to-disk" recording to make HDV recording and post production easier and more flexible than ever before. For example, Sony's new HVR-DR60 allows instant random access, clip replay, and even on-camera editing. Moreover, unwanted scenes or recordings can be edited or deleted to free up additional storage capacity. Once recorded, video files can be named, organized into categories, or stored in directories and sub-directories. The Indigita chip also makes the Sony hard drive immune to video drop-outs, a common drawback of tape drives.

The Indigita chip facilitates connectivity with virtually any computer OS using the FAT-32 file system. While the 1394 HDD mounts as a drive letter for drag-n-drop file transfers, video files can be edited directly on the drive or copied to a Mac or PC at nearly 10X real-time video HDV playback. Supported SBP-2 Protocol allows storage and access to other multimedia file types just like an internal drive. Audio/Video Command (A/V C) set is also supported, thus facilitating connection to 1394-enabled HDTV for DVR playback directly from the drive. An HDTV remote control may used to execute FF, REW, and Playback functions.

The iND60C32 chip is packaged in a 272-pin Ball Grid Array (BGA), and is available within 10 days after receipt of order. Pricing depends on quantity purchased, with discounts available on OEM quantities.

The Indigita product brand has emerged as a preferred choice among OEMs requiring powerful 1394 (FireWire or i-Link) connectivity and storage management solutions. The Indigita brand is currently being extended to encompass native 1394 and Video Streaming silicon to enable the delivery of broadband content for storage and set-top applications.

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