Fonix Releases VoiceIn 4.1 Automatic Speech Recognition

Fonix Speech releases version 4.1 of its Fonix VoiceIn Standard Edition automatic speech recognition technology. Fonix VoiceIn SE 4.1 represents a significant leap forward in ASR technology, with a 24 percent improvement in recognition rates, resulting in accuracy rates up to 98 percent. This release also includes new pronunciation tools for developers creating applications designed to help end users learn foreign languages.

Fonix VoiceIn SE 4.1 provides significantly improved recognition rates, particularly in noise-saturated environments. Additionally, this release includes the new Speech Analysis Module, which enables developers to create applications that provide feedback to end users that will improve their pronunciation of foreign words and phrases. This enhanced speech technology software, which utilizes significantly more phonetic, linguistic and prosodic information about the speech signal, enables end users learning to speak foreign languages to practice proper pronunciation. The Speech Analysis Module is available for all Fonix VoiceIn languages.

Fonix VoiceIn 4.1 targets a variety of speech recognition applications that are available from OEMs, system integrators, and application developers including:
* Mobile phones
* PDAs
* Electronic dictionaries (e.g. handheld dictionaries, translators)
* Medical devices
* IVR or auto-attendant solutions
* Industrial data collection and inventory applications
* Mobile media players Portable audio and video devices
* Automotive telematics systems

New VoiceIn 4.1 Features:
* Analog Devices Blackfin support
* Optimized with Intel IPP (Intel x86, XScale) for handheld and phone applications
* Java support on Windows CE
* Speech Analysis Module provides phonetic feedback to help users learn proper pronunciation of foreign words and phrases
* Best ever ASR accuracy 24 percent improved recognition rates
* Significantly improved rejection of background noise

Fonix VoiceIn 4.1 supports the following operating systems and hardware platforms:
* Win32
* WinCE 3.0/4.0
* Windows Mobile:
- WinCE 3/4.2/5.0
- Smartphone 2003/05 PPC/PE 2003/05
* QNX 6.3
* Linux 2.2/2.4/2.65
* Symbian-Nokia Series 60 and UIQ
* Analog Devices Blackfin Family
* Freescale i.MXL and Power PC
* ARM 7/9/V4/V4i
* Texas Instruments OMAP
* Renesas SH3/SH4
* Epson S1C33 Family
* No OS

Fonix VoiceIn 4.1 is available in multiple languages:
* U.S. and U.K. English
* Canadian and European French
* Castilian and Latin American Spanish
* German
* Japanese
* Swedish
* Italian
* Korean.

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