Yahoo! Sponsored Search Comes to the Mobile Web

Yahoo! launches the beta of sponsored search results on the company's Mobile Web service in the United States and United Kingdom. This beta launch further extends the reach of Yahoo! sponsored search products and services to the mobile environment, enabling Yahoo! advertisers to reach consumers on their mobile devices across major mobile operators in both countries. Beginning with this launch, Yahoo!'s web search results on the Yahoo! Mobile Web services in the US and UK will include Yahoo.'s high quality sponsored search results from a select group of advertisers. Consumers will be able to click on the sponsored search results to go to the advertisers' mobile web site or a landing page to get more information about the advertisers' offerings, including the ability to call the advertiser. As the beta phase progresses, Yahoo! will work to expand the number of participating advertisers.

Yahoo! Search Marketing helps businesses of all sizes connect with interested consumers through sponsored search advertising, a model it pioneered in 1998. Through sponsored search, advertisers develop text ad listings, and then set the price they are willing to pay when a user clicks on their ad.

To make it easy for consumers to take their favorite Internet services with them on the go, Yahoo! has offered mobile extensions of the company's services since 1999 on a wide variety of phones and network operators around the world. Yahoo!'s Mobile Web service is available on most mobile phones across all the major mobile operators in the US and UK. The browser based service is designed for mobile phones and gives consumers quick access to their favorite Yahoo! services including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Search, as well as content including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! Sports.

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