InterVideo and Ulead Present Next-gen HD DVD Authoring Suite

InterVideo and its partner Ulead have announced today a presentation of next-generation HD DVD Authoring Suite at the HD DVD Professionals Workshop held in the THX Best Practices Laboratory by Microsoft. Microsoft held the HD DVD Professionals Workshop to introduce its latest tools including VC-1 and HDi. At the session, InterVideo Ulead presented its total HD DVD solution - HD DVD Authoring Suite. The Suite includes InterVideo WinDVD for HD DVD-quality playback, Ulead DVD MovieFactory Studio Pro Edition for authoring and a professional Muxer for creating HD DVD compatible titles. The tools were presented to the Hollywood community for post-production application evaluation.

DVD MovieFactory Studio Pro Edition, which is expected to be the first HD DVD-R product on the market, supports input from VC1 Streams, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ audio as well as customized HDi objects. DVD MovieFactory Studio Pro Edition supports output to HD DVD-R, HD DVD folders, DVD-R/RW, ISO Image and CMF/AACS formats.

The HD DVD Authoring Suite Muxer offers versatile, professional authoring capabilities. Adopted by the DVD Forum to develop verification discs, the Muxer supports all functions in the HD DVD spec. 1.0 and supplements including HD-DVD Type I & Type II, sub-video and sub-audio. InterVideo WinDVD is the world's first-on-market HD DVD software player and has been bundled with Toshiba's Qosmio G30 notebook.

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