Geomagic Wins Prestigious Tibbetts Award

Geomagic has won a 2006 Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Technology Council. Named for Roland Tibbetts acknowledged as the father of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program the prestigious Tibbetts Awards are given annually to those companies, projects, organizations and individuals judged to exemplify the very best in SBIR achievement.

Geomagic has been awarded several SBIR grants for its technology leadership in digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP). The company has used the grants to focus its software development on mass-customization technologies that fundamentally change the way products are designed, engineered, and manufactured.

Phase I, II and IIB SBIR funding from the National Science Foundation has enabled Geomagic to take on high-risk and high-impact research important to the nation. Geomagic technology has created a paradigm shift in manufacturing, allowing U.S. companies to produce customized products and services at the same cost as mass-produced goods.

The Geomagic software suite includes the company's Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify packages. Geomagic Studio automatically generates an accurate digital model from any physical part and is the world's leading software platform for automated digital reconstruction for reverse engineering. Geomagic Qualify enables fast, easy-to-understand graphical comparisons between as-built parts and their CAD models for first-article inspection, inline or shop-floor inspection, trend analysis, 2D and 3D geometric dimensioning, and automated reporting.

Over the last few years, Geomagic DSSP software technology has distinguished itself in several projects that have revolutionized processes and led to industry breakthroughs. Geomagic software played a critical role in ensuring safety of the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Discovery by enabling NASA to automatically create an accurate digital model of shuttle tiles to assess safety risks, develop repair strategies, and validate any needed repairs.

Geomagic software has helped digitally preserve the Statue of Liberty in case of terrorist attacks or natural disasters, recreate high-performance engine manifolds for a NASCAR racing team, and reduce the time it takes a top-three automaker to create complex surface models by 80 percent. The use of Geomagic software for mass customization is a significant market differentiator in the medical device industry, where fitting a product to the unique shapes of the human body is increasingly critical to success.

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