PayPlay Delivers Unrestricted MP3 Downloads for $0.88 Per Track

PayPlay.FM plans to offer unprotected MP3s of its 600.000 track collection at the cost of 88 cents per track. The media technology company provides digital rights protection of media files for independent artists, and their announcement was timed to coincide with "Day Against DRM" and is fueled by PayPlay's strategy to provide uniform support of Mac, UNIX, and portable players incompatible with Windows Media DRM (including Apple's iPod), offering customers the ultimate in flexibility. To celebrate the announcement, PayPlay is offering free music downloads for new users who register on October 3rd.

Currently PayPlay's DRM protected tracks are priced at a competitive 77 cents each and deliver high quality 192kpbs VBR sound - far superior to the 128kbps bit rate of iTunes and other similar online music download stores. With introduction of industry's lowest priced 88-cent 192kpbs MP3 unrestricted downloads PayPlay is poised to become the leader in independent artists music sales. This news comes on the heels of two recently added services - PayPlay Accounts, a website personalization and payment wallet, and PayPlay Widget, a marketing and promotion tool that allows artists to sell their music through MySpace, artist websites and blogs.

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