MuleSource Releases Version 1.3 of Mule

MuleSource releases version 1.3 of Mule, a Java-based platform that has become the world's most-used open source solution for enterprise integration challenges. New features in Mule 1.3 support the platform's growing popularity as an enterprise service bus (ESB) for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) scenarios. Mule 1.3 further supports XFire a next-generation SOAP framework that makes service-oriented development approachable through an easy to use API and support for common standards. Mule developers can now seamlessly interoperate between XFire, Apache Axis, WebMethods Glue and .Net Web Services. Mule 1.3 also supports popular application server transaction managers, including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JRun, JBoss, Resin and generic JNDI-based support.

Mule's simplified development model has also led developers to use the technology in a wide range of other types of common enterprise integration scenarios. Top Wall Street investment banks with trillions of dollars under management are using Mule as the backbone for data transport in high-volume trading environments, frequently side-by-side with JMS or IBM MQ Series. Mule is also increasingly being used in tandem with the Spring Framework and Apache Tomcat to create the so-called "SMuT" stack - an open source application server alternative. These complimentary open source technologies all honor the premise of simple-to-use but powerful frameworks enabling developers to build enterprise applications from plain Java objects (POJOs).

As Mule has grown to become the industry's most-used open source platform for integration, so have the needs of Mule users, who now have an official support and services organization option. MuleSource also has officially launched a comprehensive set of support and services directly from the developers of the Mule project. MuleSource's support plans encompass bug fixes, issue resolution and developer assistance, including configuration and optimization. MuleSource support provides developers with everything they need in a single, unified offering to successfully develop and deploy business critical applications using Mule.

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