Buffalo's DriveStation Duo Hard Drive Offers Up to 1,5TB Capacity

Buffalo Technology unveils the DriveStation Duo USB 2.0 / FireWire External Hard Drive. The product combines performance and reliability with a robust feature-set. With capacities of 500GB (HD-W500IU2/R1), 800GB (HD-W800IU2/R1), 1TB (HD-W1.0TIU2/R1) and 1.5TB (HD-W1.5TIU2/R1) the DriveStation Duo is designed to make storage simple for end users, such as consumers, graphic designers, business users, mobile professionals and students who need to safeguard digital content.

The DriveStation Duo incorporates configurable RAID-1 with Mirroring for improved reliability and Full Capacity Spanning Modes for maximum capacity. It also comes with a Windows RAID Utility to easily change RAID Modes. For increased storage capacity, the DriveStation Duo includes two high performance 7200-RPM SATA (Serial ATA) drives and Buffalo's unique SecureLockWare technology, which encrypts and protects data stored on the device in the event it is lost or stolen and prevents authorized access.

The DriveStation Duo USB 2.0 / FireWire External Hard Drive includes Auto Setup technology, which allows for instant installation without the need to install drivers. The product also comes pre-formatted. The DriveStation Duo includes an Auto On/Off feature, which automatically powers the product on or off with your computer. It easily connects to any device with an available FireWire (1394) port or USB 2.0 or 1.1 ports such as a desktop, notebook or one of Buffalo's own LinkStation or TeraStation NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

With a stylish, industrial design the DriveStation Duo is suited for any computer environment. The product comes with Memeo AutoBackup multi-language backup software for Windows, which runs in the background and automatically backs up files from your PC.

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