CRYPTOCard Partners with 2Build4 BV

CRYPTOCard announces that in response to the fast-increasing European demand for its cross-platform CRYPTO-Server two-factor authentication solution, it has partnered with Dutch value-added IT security reseller, 2Build4 BV.

Developed to meet real-world requirements where Linux and Mac workstations often live in a mixed Windows domain, with Windows clients and Apache or IIS Web servers CRYPTO-Server makes it simple and cost effective to positively authenticate each user within a true heterogeneous environment.

CRYPTOCard's event-based CRYPTO-Server two-factor authentication technology eliminates weak static passwords by making it simple for an authorized user to gain secure, positively-identify access to remote access servers, VPNs, firewalls, web servers, and wireless access points by simply entering their PIN together with a random password generated by their secure token. By generating a unique password for every log-on attempt, CRYPTO-Server makes stolen credentials useless to hackers while simultaneously ensuring users do not have to memorize complicated credentials significantly reducing the help-desk costs associated with resetting forgotten passwords, and the security risk resulting from users writing down their passwords.

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