New HD DVD Experience with Toshiba's HD DVD Writer for Notebooks

Toshiba has developed the world's first HD DVD writer for integration into mobile PCs, enabling notebook PC users to write high-definition video info, while enjoying backward compatibility with all DVD and CD formats. Toshiba's SD-L902A integrates a blue-violet laser diode to read and write HD DVD-R discs and supports high-density HD DVD-ROM discs, including high-definition movie and video images. This Toshiba's innovative drive also offers super-multi functionality, with high-performance read and write capabilities for all standard DVD and CD discs.

At only 12.7 millimeters in height, the SD-L902A meets the stringent space constraints of the mobile PC environment, since the HD DVD format has the same physical structure as standard DVD technology. As a result, the HD DVD writer uses an optical pick-up head with a single objective lens. With this next-generation DVD technology, mobile PC users can easily work with content in high-definition, while continuing to enjoy legacy DVD and CD material. Sample shipments of the new Toshiba's HD DVD writer for notebooks are scheduled to start by the end of this year.

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