Project-a-Phone Launches ICD-5000 Display System

The ICD-5000 image capture and display system lets mobile professionals, educators, advertisers, litigators, and others display or record a phone screen do so with a high-resolution, affordable system. The ICD-5000 delivers a live image of a handheld device screen to a computer, so it can be recorded, displayed on a monitor, projected on a screen or shared through the Web. The device targets wireless industry professionals in sales, marketing, application development or training functions, advertising agencies that handle mobile media, and law enforcement professionals who gather and display evidence from handheld devices.

Project-a-Phone hardware securely clamps the phone in place and delivers a live video feed of the screen image to a PC through a USB cable. The software displays live video, lets you record video and audio, takes still images individually or in a programmed sequence, and can display multiple screens simultaneously. The ICD-5000 package includes software and a carrying case.

Product Specifications:
* Displays or records up to 30 fps at VGA
* 5.17 mega-pixel sensor
* Takes 3 mega-pixel screenshots
* Powered by USB cable
* Under two pounds
* Fits in a 10"x9"x2" carrying case
* Runs on Windows 2000/XP/ME
* Requires one USB 2.0 port per device.

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