Red Rock Software's iScratch for Macs Is Available

Red Rock Software has announced the immediate availability of iScratch, an application that allows anyone to create virtual digital scratches on Apple's Macintosh computers. Scratching is the DJ, or turntablist, technique of creating a variety of sounds by moving a vinyl record back and forth under a turntable's phonographic needle. The sound has become one of the most recognizable features of hip hop music.

Rather than having to create the scratches with turntables, audio mixer and vinyl records, the new iScratch software allows turntablists, both pro and amateur, to create their unique sounds digitally. iScratch provides tools to create all the basic scratches, including push, pull, baby, release, chirp, tear and hold. The new software also includes a click tool for simulating mixer control. Now professionals and amateurs alike can compose for this unique instrument, to create extraordinary professional-quality sound.

Because iScratch scratches are created digitally, DJs can use the application to save and share their work. iScratch compositions can be easily included in custom mixes, converted to MP3 and then moved to an iPod or CD. Turntablists can print sheet music for performance or in studios, saving time during expensive recording sessions. In addition, generating scratches on a computer with iScratch software allows professionals to create and remember new sounds even when their performance equipment is not readily available. iScratch also makes learning the technique of scratching more accessible to amateurs.

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