software Launches Web Hosting and Webmaster Tools Service

Free webmaster service announces the launch of, a free web hosting and webmaster tools service. ZeXXo provides many free webmaster tools such as a privacy policy generator, meta tags generator, web banner generator, visitor tracking options and last but not least ad-free web space which can be managed from any location world-wide.

ZeXXo is designed to help new webmasters getting started on the net. By providing all basic tools a webmaster needs, ZeXXo is a great way to get them started. Looking at ZeXXo's features proves it's a complete "Starter Kit" which can be used by just providing a desired username and an email address to receive login information.

ZeXXo Features:
- Web-based browser uploads from anywhere
- Easy-to-remember URL (
- Web Traffic Tracking (Search Engines vs. Visitors)
- Free Web Counters
- Email forwarding options (e-mail protected from spam bots)
- Password Protected Pages
- Online Banner Generator
- Glitter Text Generator
- Free Chat Rooms
- Privacy Policy Generator
- Advanced Meta Tags Generator
- Glitter Text Generator
- Premium Web Templates (optional).

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