Meroncourt to Distribute New Tarantula Keyboard from Razer

Meroncourt Europe announce that as of the end of October 2006 they will be distributing throughout the UK and Ireland the new Tarantula Keyboard from Razer. As a gaming keyboard created For Gamers, By Gamers, the Razer Tarantula packs an ultra-large high resolution (up to 256 x 64 dots) Organic LED (OLED) screen for built-in advanced interactive menu display, programmable function keys, customisable macro commands, up to 95 programmable keys which can be stored via an on-board memory of up to 5 profiles powered by Razer Synapse.

The built-in 85mm X 25mm high resolution OLED screen, which is one of the largest designed and built in the industry, will allow users to simultaneously view in-games statistics and display information from other applications such as incoming email and message alerts, multimedia key functions, full-colour image files and graphic sound equalizers, without interfering with current gameplay. The screens' high image quality is achieved by utilizing advanced Graphic User Interface (GUI) powered by Razer's Intuition Engine. Gamers will not only be able to keep a keen eye and close track of their performance, they will also be able to effectively communicate with their team mates.

The 95 programmable keys on the Razer Tarantula allow configuration of customised keystrokes and macro commands, empowering gamers with seamless control and unparalleled flexibility in competitive gameplay. The personalized touch, significant in Razer's latest line of gaming peripherals, is all part of Razer's promise to deliver only the best for gamers. These keys can be programmed without drivers and on up to 5 different gaming profiles which can be stored on the keyboard itself which makes moving from one tournament to another with ease. The onboard memory capability is Powered by Razer Synapse which was first featured in the multi-award winning Razer Copperhead gaming mouse.

A unique feature of the Razer Tarantula is the cool ambient illumination light source running underneath the keys, enabling the keys to be adequately lit for gaming in low or no light conditions. The keyboard also has a dimmer switch that gives gamers the option to adjust illumination according to preference This feature will allow gamers to quickly strategise which moves to execute in mere seconds.

The sleek design of the Razer Tarantula is specially engineered for competitive gamers looking to get their hands on cool-looking Razer gaming peripherals. Features such as the built-in USB 2.0 port, headphone and microphone jack for ease of connection so the gamers won't have to worry about plug-and-play problems; and the 2 jog-dials and a gaming mode switch, which, when turned on, disables the Windows key. The Razer Tarantula also comes rigged up with a detachable wrist-rest and adjustable feet, ensuring maximum portability while offering a much desired equilibrium and ergonomics, all set to deliver optimal gaming performance.

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