Cardo Systems' New scala-700 Bluetooth Headset Is Shipping

Cardo Systems says its new Bluetooth headset, the scala-700, has begun shipping. The scala-700 is weighing under half an ounce and features several distinct functions. These functions include Swap Technology, a locator buzzer and a battery status indicator.

The scala-700's Swap Technology function allows the user to switch the headset's connection between the last two connected devices, all at the simple touch of a button. To assist in finding this tiny device if misplaced, a locator buzzer has been added to the headset and can be operated by pressing a button on the cell phone. Another unique function is that the scala-700 shows the user with the touch of a button if there is a need for recharging.

In addition, the Cardo scala-700 can be used in almost any condition because of its unparalleled audio features that include noise reduction, speaker booster and echo cancellation . For added convenience, users have hands-free access to call waiting, call reject and conference calling. Other significant features of the headset include 240 hours of stand by time, up to 10 hours of talk time, 2-3 hours to recharge the unit and 6 volume levels.

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