LogicBlaze Releases LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 Open Source SOA Solution

LogicBlaze has announced the availability of LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2. The latest version of the industry's first SOA platform provided as an open source distribution, LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 features enhanced security, an integrated business information portal, and Eclipse-based tooling for greater ease-of-use.

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0, the most enterprise-friendly open source software license, and based on the Java Business Integration standard, LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 remains the most open and flexible SOA solution available today. LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 provides a solution that includes the leading freely-available open source integration technologies in a fully integrated, professionally supported environment that is an alternative to costly commercial solutions. LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 enables organizations to implement SOA initiatives and grow their SOA incrementally without fear of vendor lock-in.

Designed to meet the increasingly complex technical requirements of organizations' SOA initiatives, significant new features of LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 include:
* Improved Security:
- Single sign-on is now delivered through the Java Authentication and Authorization Service;
- Support for the WS-Security standard in the Apache ServiceMix enterprise service bus.

* Improved Ease-of-Use:
- Eclipse-based tooling for Apache ServiceMix and FUSE 1.2 provides end-users with a convenient, GUI-based solution to deploy and configure FUSE 1.2 components;
- Integrated support for Apache Maven enables developers to package and deploy services, assemblies and components, and manage dependencies among components.

* Business Information Portal:
- LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 now incorporates the LifeRay portal, providing end-users with a graphical interface for real-time visibility into business processes and information.

LogicBlaze FUSE 1.2 is supported through the CoRE (Community-oriented Real-time Engineering) Network, a subscription-based framework for developer assistance and production support and maintenance. LogicBlaze customers can leverage the CoRE Network support environment to successfully manage the distributed, asynchronous and iterative engineering requirements of SOA project development, integration and maintenance.

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