Reallusion Unveils iClone Studio 1.5

Enhanced 3D character creation, facial animation and scene production inside iClone Studio 1.5 simplify pre-viz to production for films, games, and Machinima projects. iClone Studio 1.5 equips users of all skill levels with easy-to-learn pro tools to produce quality Machinima style films or combine to work with 3DS Max and Maya.

Packing powerful new features iClone 1.5 takes moviemakers further with tools to create and command 3D character animation. Directing the 3D actors, set, props, and cinematography of movies is key for iClone filmmakers and made simple with the introduction of the iClone Studio 1.5 Timeline allowing users to quickly control real-time camera and lighting animation, prop animation, and characters. Customization of characters, scenes, and props is elevated with new tools inside iClone 1.5 offering users the ability to edit the texture of any iClone model directly from iClone using the user preferred image editor. Custom created assets may be created for iClone using Autodesk 3D Studio Max or Maya and easily managed inside the iClone content library. iClone's real-time rendering environment allows directors, writers, art directors, animators, non-technical staff and students to previsualize and instantly create production ready scenes with timesaving accessible character creation and animation. The iClone Studio 1.5 real-time rendering engine provides game-like real-time appearance with added support for real-time bump, glow, reflection, transparency, and normal maps. iClone Studio users see their story unfold in stunning detail as they build and animate in real-time.

Citizen directors and pros alike are discovering iClone and transforming into a one-person studio armed with a story and Reallusion's iClone. iClone Studio 1.5 presents accessible animation tools alleviating high-cost production personnel, expensive previz, and lengthy production time. iClone's accessibility and ease of use is attracting innovative directors from the Machinima world to tell their story inside the world of iClone. Watch iClone powered Machinima movies hosted on Machinima Premiere, Machinimators benefit from the ability to easily transform any photo into a talking 3D character making developing a customized virtual cast of 3D actors simple and liberating from constraints of single game engine environments and publishing restrictions. Now Machinima goes beyond the game with iClone Studio giving filmmakers of all skill levels the real-time studio that presents the freedom to easily produce and distribute animated media to the masses. promotes the, 'you' media movement which plays theatrical host to more than 200 iClone director made movies.

Plug iClone into the pro pipeline with integrated tools for creating and animating custom 3D characters and scene content. Importing custom 3D assets from 3D Studio Max or Maya makes iClone Studio a specialized scene generator with the ability to set every shot from pre-viz to production. iClone's character generator powered by Reallusion's core photo-to-3D technology transforms photos and images into full body 3D actors prerigged for facial animation and ready to come to life inside iClone. Coupled with the iClone compatible facial animation features of CrazyTalk 4.5, Reallusion's real-time filmmaking suite generates instant facial animation for 3D characters complete with blendshapes and emotive modeling for precise facial response cutting production time in half. Export characters, scenes, and more for continued production inside 3D Studio Max or Maya using the soon to be released iClone Studio PRO FBX exporter.

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