Digit Wireless Fastap Keypad Technology Debuts on the LG AX490

Digit Wireless has announced its first U.S. deployment of Fastap in its alphanumeric format with wireless carrier, Alltel Wireless. This is the first U.S. implementation of a Fastap-enabled handset - the LG AX490. Fastap is a new approach to keypad design, which simplifies user discovery, access and the use of mobile phone-based applications including SMS, Instant Messaging, Multimedia Messaging, Web Browsing, mobile music and more. In the specific alphanumeric implementation on the LG AX490, the use of all messaging and mobile data services now becomes quicker and easier to use. Fastap enables the LG AX490 to maintain mainstream phone size and form factor by integrating a raised (alpha keys) and lowered (number) key architecture powered by an error prevention software that makes use error and care-free. It is one keypad with two levels of functionality.

With the Fastap-enabled LG AX490, Alltel Wireless customers will also be able to download the Instant Messaging client from OZ, the company who empowers consumers to stay connected with mobile IM. With Fastap, Instant Messaging truly becomes instant as the easy-to-use Fastap keypad lets the user respond intuitively and quickly to incoming messages. It provides users with an affordable, easy, seamless and always-on mobile messaging experience right to their phones.

With Fastap, Alltel Wireless customers benefit through an acceleration and simplicity of every aspect of the mobile user experience.

Fastap is the one-touch keypad technology that can enable easier discovery, access and use of mobile applications and services through easier text entry and/or enhanced access-control functionality. Fastap in its various implementations (Full Alphanumeric or Press-To-Anything) can drive vastly improved functionality and usability of messaging, imaging, music, video and converged device phone features. Fastap in its alphanumeric implementation has been proven to drive 120 percent more messaging among mobile subscribers. The end result is greater revenue for mobile operators because mobile consumers just flat out use their phone more.

Fastap is truly a global technology platform which can be incorporated into any device based on the design flexibility and easy manufacturability of the keypad. In its full alphanumeric format Fastap can be mapped to any language for mobile subscribers around the globe.

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