Free Conferencing Corporation's New Free Voice Messaging System

Free Conferencing Corporation of America has announced SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0, the latest version of its easy to use and free voice messaging system. As part of's suite of products, SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 offers an organized messaging center with multiple voicemail boxes, greetings and levels. Users can develop their own box structure, including extension numbers, logic tree and the ability to turn the message taking feature on or off within each box.

A key highlight of SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 is the system's seamless interoperability with the free conference recording service. SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 allows users to easily transfer their recorded conferences to create an on-demand conference archive. SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 also offers an intelligent online interface for better account management. Users can download or even publish their messages through Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and podcasts.

SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 offers an array of personal and business uses, such as school/sports organization updates, training and educational seminars, new product updates, real estate listings, invitations and directions to a function, music recordings, promotional events, political campaigns, and much more.

The SimpleVoiceCenter 2.0 registration process connects users instantly. Once registered, users receive a unique number that remains with them as long as they use the service - there is no need for renewal. The main greeting box walks the customer through the messaging system by leading them to the specific boxes containing the desired information. After listening to the main greeting, the customer is prompted to select the box number for the next section of information.

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