Version 3.0 of EqualLogic's PS Series Storage Array Firmware

EqualLogic has announced Version 3.0 of its PS Series storage array firmware. Version 3.0 delivers more choice and control to storage managers by enabling flexible data segmentation with multiple pools of storage in a single SAN. Addressing the evolving storage needs of today's mid-size to large enterprises, the introduction of Version 3.0 coincides with the release of EqualLogic's new high-capacity PS400E, the first iSCSI storage array to employ 750 gigabyte Barracuda ES hard drives from Seagate. Version 3.0 is currently available to all of EqualLogic's more than 1.400 customers.

Version 3.0 includes the following features and capabilities:
- Multiple Pools of Storage in a Single SAN: Each pool can be configured with capacity/performance characteristics to serve particular business/application needs; all pools are managed from a single interface
- Data Segmentation: Pools of storage allow data segmentation within the SAN by application, organization or location, giving storage managers greater flexibility and control
- Automatic Data Placement and Load Balancing: Performs automatic data optimization within each pool according to application demands
- Transparent Data Migration: Storage managers can move volumes of data between pools while online and in use for complete control of data placement
- Consistency Groups: Delivers snapshots of multiple volumes across arrays and across pools, creating backups of related information for instant recovery of complete data sets
- Interoperability: Ensures seamless interoperability between all EqualLogic PS Series arrays, protecting customer investment.

EqualLogic delivers a dynamic virtual storage solution to companies of all sizes, offering a reliable, self-managing, scalable pool of storage that responds nimbly to users' demands. The award-winning and data-center-proven PS Series is the only native iSCSI SAN solution to offer a comprehensive and fully integrated standard feature set at no additional cost. Each PS Series storage array comes with fully redundant, fault-tolerant hardware and includes automatic storage-management software in a self-contained chassis. Multiple arrays combine to form a scalable storage grid that expands in capacity as needed without disruption.

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