Single Image Ghosting with UIU 3.0

Binary Resource UK, part of the company that originally developed Ghost, the cloning software now owned by Symantec, has launched an updated version of Big Bang LLC's Universal Imaging Utility (UIU).

UIU ver. 3.0 makes it possible to create (in conjunction with an independent Cloning utility, such as Ghost, Altiris, Acronis…) a single hard-disk copy or Image that can be deployed across all Windows 2000 and XP computer platforms and configurations (including Tablet PC's) within a network environment. Subsequent loading of this clean hard-drive Image is the fastest way to restore computers compromised by viruses, spyware, bad drivers and bad data, thus making roll-outs faster than ever.

Cloning was originally developed as a method of quickly [backing-up and] setting-up new Windows computers and rolling out applications and updates at the Enterprise level. A suitable Desktop computer's software and configuration was simply captured as an Image that was then replicated onto multiple machines using cloning software. In recent years, however, the Enterprise IT landscape, has become extremely complex, with constant updates to applications, configuration software, plug-ins, intelligent chips and motherboards. This means that two otherwise identical Desktop computers (let alone adding Laptops to the mix) can have enough driver differences alone to cause the cloning process to render target machines inoperable without considerable manual modification.

Version 3.0 of the Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) was developed by Big Bang LLC and it resolves this issue by simplifying the process ensuring that, when an Image is taken of the ideal machine (which was first "prepped" using the UIU), all the driver combinations required by each target machine are made available.

Running UIU on the ideal machine prior to an Image being captured means error messages and 'blue screen' failures on the subsequently cloned machines are all-but eliminated. Rolling-out software updates and setting-up new Desktops and Laptops can be managed within a matter of minutes and the previously complex and time-consuming operation can be transformed into a simple, straightforward, fully-automated task.

UIU 3.0 Benefits are:
• software updates, security patches, service packs and bug fixes can be deployed sooner;
• machines can be cloned more often and at a lower cost than ever before;
• new system migrations and rollouts can be achieved in a fraction of the time with little need to keep track of multiple Image files;
• storage space can be used more efficiently;
• IT staffing time can be freed to focus on more critical projects.

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