NewsKnowledge Launches Web Service API

NewsKnowledge LLC announces the launch of NewsKnowledge Web Service API. This new application programming interface allows developers to create custom applications that integrate NewsKnowledge's functionality and content into end-users' workflow systems such as customer relationship management software (CRM), Intranets, Portals and enterprise resource planning software (ERP).

This XML-based API provides developers with total flexibility and a simplified development path to customization that previously would have required months of co-development. For getting access to our service you can use any of accessible methods, such as SOAP and HTTP.

Customers can choose to have their own internal IT staff handle development, or use NewsKnowledge custom development service, to assist in the integration and development process.

The NewsKnowledge Web Service API provides direct access to the NewsKnowledge news search engine. Search queries can be constructed using simple keywords, phrases and Boolean operators. Queries can also utilize many metadata fields NewsKnowledge to each of the nearly 250.000 news articles per day collected, including: complete sources, news categories, keywords and language. The API provides a wide range of query and standards-based output options to ensure compatibility.

A key issue facing the growing RSS market is reducing the bandwidth demands on sites serving syndicated news feeds. Instead of thousands of individual desktop PCs independently scanning news sources, blogs and web sites for updated feeds, the customer can make low-bandwidth requests to each site on behalf of subscribers and cache any updates to its master web database. The customer can then redistribute the latest content to all the subscribed users.

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