Reel FX Creative Unleashes 'The Wild' with NVIDIA Quadro FX

Reel FX Creative Studios has created the opening sequence of Disney's latest animated picture "The Wild" using the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 by PNY Technologies graphic board and IRIDAS' FrameCycler. As an integral part of the production pipeline, this powerful combination allowed Reel FX to create a dynamic opening sequence, on time and on budget.

Reel FX used an innovative mix of 2D and 3D animation to create a theatrical dream sequence for the opening of "The Wild". Thanks to the freedom afforded them by Disney and the effectiveness of the tools that they used, the result is a highly original self-contained sequence that sets the stage for the rest of the film.

To increase the efficiency of their production pipeline, Reel FX animators have IRIDAS' FrameCycler installed, together with NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY graphic boards in their workstations.

Reel FX relies on the power of the NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY graphic boards to push and manipulate the complicated geometric models they use in their projects, including "The Wild". In addition, the advanced pixel-shader capabilities of the NVIDIA Quadro FX graphic board allows for highly sophisticated calibration, which precisely emulates the look of the final output; whether it is a certain film stock, HD, or standard broadcast. With FrameCycler, calibration Look-Up Tables (LUTs) can be loaded for color-adjusted playback - all thanks to the NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY graphic board.

Reel FX will be using the combination of FrameCycler and NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY in upcoming projects including: FX driven commercials for Gatorade and Nikeairing for the World Cup and a design driven music video for chart topping, Phil Vassar.

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